Shopping for a new phone? We recommend picking from this regularly updated list of phones because only these run the latest version of Android. This means that even if you get just one OS update in the future, your phone will run for a few years before seeming outdated.

Phones with Android 11 - 982 devices

* Some of these might still be in public beta
** List is sorted alphabetically
Model CPU RAM # of upgrades
ACE (Global)
BUZZ 3 Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
BUZZ 3 PlusSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
URBAN 3Spreadtrum T610 4GB -
AGM Mobile
AGM H3Mediatek MT6762 4GB -
U319AAMediatek MT6761 2GB -
ATM (Brazil)
R5_ProMediatek MT6762d 4GB -
Advan digital
G5 PlusSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
GXSpreadtrum T618 6GB -
X8 PROMediatek MT6785T 6GB -
X8 Soul StyleMediatek MT6762 3GB -

iPlay 20PMediatek MT6771 6GB -

S34Mediatek MT6739WA 1GB, 2GB -
ROG Phone 3Qualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
ROG Phone 5Qualcomm SM8350 7GB, 15GB -
ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) (WW) / 6Z (ZS630KL) (IN)Qualcomm SM8150 5GB, 6GB 2
ZenFone 7 / 7 Pro (ZS670KS/ZS671KS)Qualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Zenfone 8 / ASUS 8ZQualcomm SM8350 7GB, 15GB -
Zenfone 8 FlipQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
Azumi V5Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB 1
V60Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
BL50 ProSpreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
BL50Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
BL50 ProSpreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
BL51 Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
BL60M_MV05Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
BL61Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
Nobu A55 ProSpreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
BQ-5560LSpreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
BQ-5745L CleverSpreadtrum SC9863A 1GB, 2GB 1
BQ-6051GSpreadtrum SC7731E 2GB -
BQ-6645L ElementSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
BQru-6631G_A11Spreadtrum SC7731E 2GB -
KLE-A0Qualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
MBU-A0Qualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
SHARK KSR-A0Qualcomm SDM835 11GB -
SHARK PRS-A0Qualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB -
A100Mediatek MT6771 6GB -
A70Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
A90Mediatek MT6771 4GB -
BL6000ProMediatek MT6873 8GB 1

B140DLMediatek MT6761 3GB -
C5L 2021Spreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
C5L_PlusSpreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
G51 PlusSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
G91 ProMediatek MT6785 6GB -
J9LSpreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
M6 2021Spreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
M7iSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
M8LSpreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
M8L PLUSSpreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
Studio X10LSpreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
T6Spreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
C66Qualcomm SM6115 3GB 1
C6_R_EEAMediatek MT6762 3GB -
C60Spreadtrum SC7731E 2GB -
C60 UltraSpreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
CORN_X5Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
R10Mediatek MT6580M 1GB -
X60Spreadtrum SC7731E 2GB -
Y60Spreadtrum SC7731E 2GB -
VIA_E3_0Mediatek MT6765 4GB -

Cat S22 FLIPQualcomm QM215 2GB -
Cat S42Mediatek MT6761 3GB 1
Cat S62 ProQualcomm SDM660 6GB 1
S4Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
COSMAS_XMediatek MT6739WW 1GB -

RK25Qualcomm MSM8917 2GB 2
RS35Qualcomm SDM450 3GB, 4GB 1
Cloud (TruConnect)
Typhoon_C6Mediatek MT6739WW 1GB -
M20 TERMINALMediatek MT6761 3GB -
CLEVER 3Spreadtrum T610 6GB -

conquest-S20_RUMediatek MT6873 8GB -
conquest_S20_EEAMediatek MT6873 8GB -
Cool 10ASpreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
Cool 12ASpreadtrum T310 3GB -

Cricket® Ovation 2Mediatek MT6761 3GB -
CTRONIQ-SNOOK-X10Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
KINGKONG 5Mediatek MT6762d 4GB -
KINGKONG 5 ProMediatek MT6762d 4GB -
KINGKONG 7Mediatek MT6771 8GB -
MAX 3Mediatek MT6762d 4GB -
NOTE 9Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
NOTE_7PSpreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
X50Mediatek MT6771 8GB -
A440Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
B27Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
B28Spreadtrum SC7731E 2GB -
G660Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -

CypherMediatek MT6771 8GB -
DS-X1Mediatek MT6785 8GB -
DS_BD1Mediatek MT6762 4GB -
L1Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
N40ProMediatek MT6771 6GB -
S97Pro_RUMediatek MT6785 8GB -
X96ProSpreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
E-Wealth Mobile
E508Mediatek MT6739WA 2GB -
E5701Mediatek MT6761 4GB -
X515Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
X516Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
Hardcase H621SMediatek MT6762 4GB -
M20+ProMediatek MT6761D 2GB -
arrows BZ02Qualcomm SM4250 4GB -
arrows Be4 Plus F-41BQualcomm SM4250 4GB -
F100Mediatek MT6761 2GB -
PRIME_1Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
M1Mediatek MT6771 4GB -
F-02LQualcomm SDM450 3GB 2
F-51AQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
arrows Be4 F-41AQualcomm SDM450 3GB 1
arrows NX9 F-52AQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
S8XSpreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
General Mobile
GM 21 Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
GM 21 PlusMediatek MT6765 4GB -
GM 21 ProMediatek MT6785 6GB -

GIONEE M15Mediatek MT6785 6GB -
GIONEE P15Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
GIONEE P15 ProMediatek MT6765 3GB -
P61Mediatek MT6771 4GB -

Gol Mobile
F9PrimeSpreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -

Google Android EmulatorIntel i7-5200U 1GB, 2GB 1
Pixel 2Qualcomm MSM8998 4GB 4
Pixel 2 XLQualcomm MSM8998 4GB 4
Pixel 3Qualcomm SDM845 4GB 2
Pixel 3 XLQualcomm SDM845 4GB 2
Pixel 3aQualcomm SDM670 4GB 2
Pixel 3a XLQualcomm SDM670 4GB 2
Pixel 4Qualcomm SDM855 5GB 1
Pixel 4 XLQualcomm SDM855 5GB 1
Pixel 4aQualcomm SM7150 6GB 1
Pixel 4a (5G)Qualcomm SM7250 5GB -
Pixel 5Qualcomm SM7250 7GB -
Pixel 5a 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB -
P10+Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
X2Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -

T2000Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
HOMII M6Spreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
A26Mediatek MT6771 6GB -
Fun5Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
Hisense E50Spreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
Hisense E50 LiteSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
Hisense Infinity H50 LiteSpreadtrum T610 4GB -
Hisense U50Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
Hisense E31 LiteSpreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
Hisense E50Spreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
Hisense E50 LiteSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
Hisense Infinity H40 LiteSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
Hisense Infinity H50Mediatek MT6785T 6GB -
Hisense Infinity H50 LiteSpreadtrum T610 4GB -
Hisense U50Spreadtrum SC7731E 4GB -
Hisense V50Spreadtrum T610 4GB -
CT45Qualcomm QCS4290 4GB -
EDA52Qualcomm SM6115 3GB, 6GB -
Cyber 7Mediatek MT6833V/ZA 8GB -
H1Mediatek MT6580 2GB -
L610Mediatek MT6761D 2GB -
A21Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
A35Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
A4Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
A70Spreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
IKU A36Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
X1Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
X2Spreadtrum T610 4GB -
X3Spreadtrum T610 6GB -
X4Spreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
iKU_A22Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
HOT 10iMediatek MT6761D 2GB -
Infinix HOT 10SMediatek MT6769T 4GB -
Infinix HOT 10S NFCMediatek MT6769 4GB -
Infinix HOT 10TMediatek MT6769 4GB -
Infinix HOT 10iSpreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
Infinix NOTE 10Mediatek MT6769 6GB -
Infinix ZERO X NEOMediatek MT6785 8GB -
NOTE 10 ProMediatek MT6785 8GB -
SMART 5Mediatek MT6761D 2GB 1
S501APlus Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
S501ProSpreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
itel A57Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -

BTA700Qualcomm SDM660 3GB 1
Customer need debugSpreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
Silver Max ProMediatek MT6762d 3GB -
Black GMediatek MT6762 4GB -
D26Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
KL551Mediatek MT6737 1GB -

EASY S55P 2021Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
EASY_K55Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
SWEET5Mediatek MT6739WA 1GB -
SWEET_55Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
Live 9 EEAMediatek MT6762 4GB -
GRATINAMediatek MT6765 3GB 1
S6Mediatek MT6765 3GB 1
S8Mediatek MT6768 4GB -
TORQUE(R) 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB -
G8X ThinQQualcomm SM8150 5GB, 7GB 2
I projectQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
K51Mediatek MT6762 3GB 1
LG G7 OneQualcomm MSM8998 4GB 3
LG G8 ThinQ™Qualcomm SM8150 5GB 2
LG K33Mediatek MT6765 3GB -
LG K35Mediatek MT6765 3GB -
LG Stylo 7Qualcomm SM6115 4GB -
LG V50 ThinQQualcomm SM8150 5GB 2
LG V60 ThinQQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
LG V60 ThinQ 5GQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
LG VELVETQualcomm SM7250 6GB 1
Q31Mediatek MT6762 2GB, 3GB 1
Q92Qualcomm SM7250 6GB 1
VELVETQualcomm SM7250 6GB, 8GB 1
VELVET 2 PROQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
N-57Spreadtrum SC7731E 2GB -
Alpha 5VMediatek MT6769T 4GB -
Alpha 9VMediatek MT6875 8GB -
Alpha_3VMediatek MT6762 4GB -
Ilium M9VSpreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
X560Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
X860Spreadtrum SC7731E 2GB -
Z1 ProMediatek MT6761D 2GB -
Z3Mediatek MT6765G 3GB, 6GB 1
Z4/Z6Mediatek MT6765G 6GB 1

LAVIE T8 8HD1Mediatek MT8783T 6GB -
Lenovo K12 NoteQualcomm SM6115 4GB 1
Lenovo K13 NoteQualcomm SM4350 4GB -
Lenovo K13 ProQualcomm SM6115 6GB -
Lenovo Smart Tab M8 (3rd Gen)Mediatek MT8768A 3GB, 4GB -
Lenovo Tab M8 (3rd Gen)Mediatek MT8768A 2GB, 4GB -
Z6ProQualcomm SM8150 8GB 2
moto tab g20Mediatek MT8768A 3GB -
拯救者电竞手机Qualcomm SM8250 12GB, 16GB 1
拯救者电竞手机2 ProQualcomm SM8350 11GB, 15GB -
K7Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
Logic Mobility
LOGIC L63Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
LOGIC_L65Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
Le OmegaSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
Le SwipeSpreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
Le WaveSpreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -

M3 Mobile
M3 SM20Qualcomm SM6115 4GB -
NOTE1 Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -

Nitro_55CMediatek MT6739WA 1GB -
Nitro_5CSpreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
X3Spreadtrum SC7731E 2GB -
M77QF6Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -

MI CC 9 Meitu EditionQualcomm SDM710 8GB 2
MEIZU 18Qualcomm SM8350 7GB -
meizu 17Qualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
meizu 17 ProQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
meizu 18 ProQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
IN1bMediatek MT6765 4GB 1
IN_2bSpreadtrum T610 4GB -
CoolMintt RivalSpreadtrum SC9832E 3GB -
CoolMintt_Blaze_2Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
MINTT_DIGI_2Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -

LEGEND_MAX_LTESpreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
NEO_1Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
HotahMediatek MT6739WW 2GB 1
Kicka 5 Plus 4GSpreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
MD-05PMediatek MT6771 4GB -
Morep Mavic PlusMediatek MT6761D 2GB -
moto g fastQualcomm SM6125 3GB, 4GB 1
moto g play (2021)Qualcomm SM4250 3GB 1
moto g powerQualcomm SM6125 4GB 1
moto g power (2021)Qualcomm SM6115 4GB 1
moto g proQualcomm SM6125 4GB 1
moto g stylusQualcomm SM6125 4GB 1
moto g stylus (2021)Qualcomm SDM675 4GB 1
moto g stylus 5GQualcomm SM4350 3GB -
moto g(10)Qualcomm SM4350 4GB -
moto g(20)Spreadtrum T610 3GB -
moto g(30)Qualcomm SM6115 4GB -
moto g(50)Qualcomm SM4350 3GB, 8GB -
moto g(50) 5GMediatek MT6833V/ZA 4GB -
moto g(60)sMediatek MT6785 6GB -
moto g(8) powerQualcomm SM6125 4GB 1
moto g(9)Qualcomm SM6115 4GB 1
moto g(9) plusQualcomm SM7150 4GB 1
moto g(9) powerQualcomm SM6115 4GB 1
moto g40 fusionQualcomm SM7150 4GB, 6GB -
motorola edgeQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
motorola edge 20 liteMediatek MT6853V/NZA 6GB, 8GB -
motorola edge 20 proQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB -
motorola edge plusQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
motorola edge sQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB -
motorola edge 轻奢版Qualcomm SM7325 7GB -
motorola one 5G UWQualcomm SM7250 3GB, 7GB 1
motorola one 5G UW aceQualcomm SM7225 3GB -
motorola one 5G aceQualcomm SM7225 3GB, 5GB 1
motorola one actionSamsung Exynos 9609 4GB 2
motorola one fusionQualcomm SDM710 4GB 1
motorola one hyperQualcomm SDM675 4GB 1
motorola one visionSamsung Exynos 9609 4GB 2
motorola razrQualcomm SDM710 6GB 2
motorola razr 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1

M9108Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
M9109Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
M9110Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -

Multilaser F Pro 2Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
Multilaser G 2Mediatek MT6761D 2GB -
Multilaser G Max 2Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
SikurSpreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
NP752Mediatek MT6580M 1GB -
NLS-MT9055-GLMediatek MT6762 4GB -
NLS-NFT10Mediatek MT6762 4GB 1
Nokia 1 PlusMediatek MT6739WW 1GB 2
Nokia 1.3Qualcomm QM215 1GB 1
Nokia 1.4Qualcomm QM215 2GB 1
Nokia 2.2Mediatek MT6761 2GB 2
Nokia 2.3Mediatek MT6761 2GB 2
Nokia 2.4Mediatek MT6762 3GB 1
Nokia 3.2Qualcomm SDM429 2GB, 3GB 2
Nokia 3.4Qualcomm SM4250 3GB 1
Nokia 4.2Qualcomm SDM439 3GB 2
Nokia 5.3Qualcomm SM6125 3GB, 4GB 1
Nokia 5.4Qualcomm SM6115 4GB, 6GB 1
Nokia 8.1Qualcomm SDM710 4GB 2
Nokia 8.3 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Nokia C01 PlusSpreadtrum SC9863A 1GB, 2GB -
Nokia C10Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
Nokia C20Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
Nokia G10Mediatek MT6762 3GB, 4GB -
Nokia G20Mediatek MT6765 4GB -
Nokia X10Qualcomm SM4350 5GB -
Nokia X20Qualcomm SM4350 7GB -
Nokia XR20Qualcomm SM4350 5GB -
A11LMediatek MT6739WW 2GB -
C20Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
OnePlus 6Qualcomm SDM845 6GB, 8GB 3
OnePlus 7Qualcomm SM8150 5GB, 7GB 2
OnePlus 7 ProQualcomm SM8150 7GB 2
OnePlus 7TQualcomm SM8150P 7GB 1
OnePlus 7T ProQualcomm SM8150P 7GB 1
OnePlus 7T Pro 5GQualcomm SM8150P 12GB 1
OnePlus 8Qualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
OnePlus 8 5G Qualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
OnePlus 8 5G UWQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
OnePlus 8 ProQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
OnePlus 8TQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 11GB -
OnePlus 8T+ 5GQualcomm SM8250 11GB -
OnePlus 9 5GQualcomm SM8350 7GB, 11GB -
OnePlus 9 Pro 5GQualcomm SM8350 7GB, 11GB -
OnePlus NordQualcomm SM7250 7GB, 11GB 1
OnePlus Nord CE 5GQualcomm SM7225 7GB, 11GB -
OnePlus Nord N10 5GQualcomm SM6350 5GB 1
OnePlus Nord N100Qualcomm SM4250 4GB 1
OnePlus Nord N200 5GQualcomm SM4350 3GB -
OnePlus Nord2 5GMediatek MT6893 8GB -
OnePlus6TQualcomm SDM845 6GB, 8GB 2
OnePlus9RQualcomm SM8250 8GB -
A11 中国版Qualcomm SM6125 4GB, 6GB 2
A11x 中国版Qualcomm SM6125 8GB 2
A32 中国版Qualcomm SM4250 4GB, 8GB 1
A5 2020Qualcomm SM6125 3GB, 4GB 2
A52Qualcomm SM6125 4GB, 6GB 1
A52 中国版Qualcomm SM6125 8GB 1
A53Qualcomm SM4250 4GB, 6GB 1
A55 5GMediatek MT6883 6GB -
A72Qualcomm SM6125 4GB, 8GB 1
A74Qualcomm SM6115 4GB, 6GB -
A7x 中国版Mediatek MT6853V/ZA 6GB 1
A9 2020Qualcomm SM6125 4GB, 8GB 2
A9 中国版Mediatek MT6771T 4GB, 6GB 2
A91Mediatek MT6771 8GB 2
A93Mediatek MT6779p95 7GB, 8GB 1
A94Mediatek MT6779p95 6GB, 8GB -
A9xMediatek MT6771T 4GB, 6GB 2
CPH2161Mediatek MT6853V/ZA 8GB 1
CPH2185Mediatek MT6765 2GB, 6GB 1
CPH2211Mediatek MT6853V/TNZA 8GB -
CPH2235Qualcomm SM7125 7GB -
F11Mediatek MT6771T 4GB, 6GB 2
F11 ProMediatek MT6771 6GB 2
Find XQualcomm SDM845 3GB, 7GB 3
Find X 兰博基尼Qualcomm SDM845 3GB, 7GB 3
Find X2Qualcomm SM8250 11GB, 12GB 1
Find X2 LiteQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Find X2 Neo/Reno3 ProQualcomm SM7250 7GB, 11GB 1
Find X2 ProQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
Find X2 Pro 中国版Qualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
Find X2 中国版Qualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Find X3 ProQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
Find X3 Pro 中国版Qualcomm SM8350 11GB -
Find X3 中国版Qualcomm SM8250 8GB -
K3Qualcomm SDM710 6GB, 8GB 2
K5Qualcomm SM7150 8GB 2
K9 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB -
OPPO A53 5GMediatek MT6853V/ZA 6GB 1
OPPO A53s 5GMediatek MT6833V/ZA 8GB -
OPPO A54 5GQualcomm SM4350 3GB, 5GB -
OPPO Reno5 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB -
OPPO Reno5 AQualcomm SM7250 5GB -
OPPO Reno5 Pro+ 5GQualcomm SM8250 12GB -
OPPO Reno5 ZMediatek MT6853V/TNZA 8GB -
OPPO Reno5 k 5GQualcomm SM7225 7GB, 11GB -
OPPO Reno5 proMediatek MT6889 7GB, 11GB -
PEHM00Qualcomm SM4350 7GB -
RenoQualcomm SDM710 6GB, 8GB 2
Reno 10x ZoomQualcomm SM8150 6GB, 8GB 2
Reno 10倍变焦版Qualcomm SM8150 5GB, 8GB 2
Reno 2Qualcomm SM7150 8GB 2
Reno 2 中国版Qualcomm SM7150 8GB 2
Reno 4Z 5GMediatek MT6873 7GB 1
Reno AceQualcomm SM8150 7GB, 8GB 2
Reno Ace2Qualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Reno ZMediatek MT6779p90 4GB, 8GB 2
Reno Z 中国版Mediatek MT6779p90 6GB, 8GB 2
Reno 标准版Qualcomm SDM710 4GB, 6GB 2
Reno2 ZMediatek MT6779p90 8GB 2
Reno2 Z 中国版Mediatek MT6779p90 8GB 2
Reno3Mediatek MT6779p90 8GB 1
Reno3 5G 中国版Mediatek MT6885 7GB 1
Reno3 AQualcomm SM6125 6GB 1
Reno3 ProMediatek MT6779p95 8GB 1
Reno3 Pro 5G中国版Qualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Reno3 元气版 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Reno4 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Reno4 Pro 5GQualcomm SM7250 11GB 1
Reno4 Pro 中国版Qualcomm SM7250 7GB, 11GB 1
Reno4 中国版Qualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Reno5 Pro 5GMediatek MT6889 11GB -
Reno5 pro 5GQualcomm SM8250 12GB -
Reno6 Pro+ 5GQualcomm SM8250 11GB -
realme XQualcomm SDM710 6GB 2
realme X50 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
realme X青春版Qualcomm SDM710 4GB, 6GB 2
MagicQualcomm SM6350 5GB -
R678L5Qualcomm SM7225 5GB -
K9 ProMediatek MT6762 4GB -
WP12_ProMediatek MT6762d 4GB -
WP13_EEAMediatek MT6833V/ZA 8GB -
WP15Mediatek MT6833V/ZA 8GB -
Pay Phone M50Mediatek MT6762d 4GB -
PCD Argentina
P40Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
P55Mediatek MT6739WW 1GB -
POCO F2 ProQualcomm SM8250 6GB, 8GB 1
POCO F3Qualcomm SM8250 6GB, 8GB -
POCO M2Mediatek MT6769T 6GB 1
POCO M2 ProQualcomm SM7125 6GB 1
POCO M3Qualcomm SM6115 4GB, 6GB 1
POCO X2Qualcomm SM7150 6GB 1
POCO X3Qualcomm SM7150 6GB 1
POCO X3 NFCQualcomm SM7150 6GB, 8GB 1
POCO X3 ProQualcomm SM8150 6GB -
Packard Bell
INTERLAGOS-T32Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
HIT P10aSpreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
HIT_P8Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
Hit MaxSpreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
Hit P12Spreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
P13Spreadtrum T610 4GB -
Z570Mediatek MT6761 3GB -
Point of view
TAB-7232-3GSpreadtrum SC7731E 2GB -

S54Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
S86Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
X626_4GSpreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -

VibeSpreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
QS355Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
RAVOZ Z6 ProMediatek MT6762 4GB -
RAVOZ Z7 ProMediatek MT6785 6GB -
NEP N1Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
RMX2020Mediatek MT6769 3GB, 4GB 1
realme X7 MaxMediatek MT6893 8GB -
realme narzo 30Mediatek MT6785 4GB, 6GB 1
realme 3ProQualcomm SDM710 4GB, 6GB 2
realme 5ProQualcomm SDM712 4GB, 8GB 2
realme 5proQualcomm SDM712 4GB, 8GB 2
realme 6Mediatek MT6785T 4GB, 8GB 1
realme 6ProQualcomm SM7125 6GB, 8GB 1
realme 6iMediatek MT6769T 3GB, 4GB 1
realme 7 5GMediatek MT6853V/TNZA 6GB, 8GB 1
realme 7 ProQualcomm SM7125 6GB, 8GB 1
realme 8Mediatek MT6785 4GB, 8GB -
realme 8 5G Mediatek MT6833V/ZA 4GB, 8GB -
realme 8 ProQualcomm SM7125 5GB, 7GB -
realme C11 2021Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
realme C12Mediatek MT6765 2GB, 3GB 1
realme C15Mediatek MT6765 4GB 1
realme C15 Qualcomm EditionQualcomm SM4250 4GB 1
realme C17Qualcomm SM4250 4GB, 6GB 1
realme C21Mediatek MT6765 3GB, 4GB 1
realme C21YSpreadtrum T610 4GB -
realme C25Mediatek MT6768 4GB -
realme C25sMediatek MT6769 4GB -
realme C3Mediatek MT6769 2GB, 4GB 1
realme GT 5GQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
realme Narzo 20Mediatek MT6769 4GB 1
realme Narzo 30 Pro 5GMediatek MT6853V/TNZA 6GB 1
realme QQualcomm SDM712 4GB 2
realme Q2 5GMediatek MT6853V/TNZA 6GB 1
realme Q3 5GQualcomm SM7225 5GB -
realme V11 5GMediatek MT6833V/ZA 4GB -
realme V15 5GMediatek MT6853V/TNZA 6GB 1
realme V5 5GMediatek MT6853V/ZA 6GB 1
realme X2Qualcomm SM7150 6GB, 8GB 2
realme X2ProQualcomm SM8150 5GB, 8GB 2
realme X3Qualcomm SM8150 7GB 1
realme X50 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB, 7GB 1
realme X50 5G 移动版Qualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
realme X50 ProQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
realme X50 Pro PlayQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
realme X50m 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
realme X50t 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
realme X7 5GMediatek MT6853V/TNZA 6GB 1
realme X7 5GMediatek MT6853V/TNZA 8GB 1
realme XTQualcomm SDM712 4GB, 8GB 2
realme narzo 20AQualcomm SM6125 4GB 1
realme narzo 30AMediatek MT6769 4GB 1
realme  X7 Pro Mediatek MT6889 7GB 1
realme 7iQualcomm SM6115 4GB, 8GB 1
真我 Q3 Pro 5GMediatek MT6891 8GB -
真我GTQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
真我GT NeoMediatek MT6893 8GB -
真我GT Neo 闪速版Mediatek MT6893 12GB -
真我GT 大师探索版Qualcomm SM8250 12GB -
真我Q3 Pro 狂欢版Qualcomm SM7250 7GB -
真我V13 5GMediatek MT6833V/ZA 6GB, 8GB -
真我X7Pro 至尊版Mediatek MT6889 7GB -
Red Mobile
Volt LSpreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
K30 PROQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Mi 9T ProQualcomm SDM855 6GB 2
Mi 9TQualcomm SM7150 6GB 2
Redmi 10XMediatek MT6873 5GB 1
Redmi 10X proMediatek MT6875 7GB 1
Redmi 9Mediatek MT6769T 3GB, 4GB 1
Redmi 9AMediatek MT6762 2GB, 4GB 1
Redmi 9CMediatek MT6765 3GB, 4GB 1
Redmi 9C NFCMediatek MT6765 2GB, 3GB 1
Redmi 9TQualcomm SM6115 4GB 1
Redmi K20Qualcomm SM7150 6GB 2
Redmi K30Qualcomm SM7150 6GB, 8GB 1
Redmi K30 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
Redmi K30 UltraMediatek MT6889 7GB 1
Redmi K30S UltraQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Redmi K40Qualcomm SM8250 12GB -
Redmi K40 GamingMediatek MT6893 12GB -
Redmi K40 Pro +Qualcomm SM8350 7GB, 11GB -
Redmi Note 10Qualcomm SM6150 4GB -
Redmi Note 10 5GMediatek MT6833V/ZA 4GB, 8GB -
Redmi Note 10 ProQualcomm SDM712 6GB, 8GB -
Redmi Note 10 Pro MaxQualcomm SM7150 6GB -
Redmi Note 10 proMediatek MT6891 6GB -
Redmi Note 10SMediatek MT6785 6GB -
Redmi Note 10T 5GMediatek MT6833V/ZA 4GB, 6GB -
Redmi Note 8Mediatek MT6769 4GB -
Redmi Note 8 ProMediatek MT6785T 5GB, 6GB 2
Redmi Note 8 proMediatek MT6785T 4GB, 6GB 2
Redmi Note 8TQualcomm SM6125 4GB 2
Redmi Note 9Mediatek MT6853V/ZA 8GB 1
Redmi Note 9 ProQualcomm SM7125 6GB, 8GB 1
Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxQualcomm SM7125 6GB 1
Redmi Note 9 proQualcomm SM7225 7GB 1
Redmi Note 9SQualcomm SM7125 4GB, 6GB 1
Redmi Note 9TMediatek MT6853V/ZA 3GB, 4GB 1
P13 Blue 2022Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
P13 Blue Max 128 GBSpreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
P13 Blue Max ProMediatek MT6771 8GB -
P13_Blue_2021Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
RD11PTMediatek MT6771 6GB -
RD11PTEMediatek MT6771 6GB -
RD50TMediatek MT6762 4GB -
RD50TEMediatek MT6762 4GB -
RD81PTEMediatek MT6771 6GB -
STS600Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
Wave 3Spreadtrum T310 3GB -
Smooth 6.26 LiteSpreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
Smooth6_1Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
Smooth6_5Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
Smooth_5Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB 1
Model_3Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
Model_SSpreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
Model_S_4GSpreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
Model_YSpreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
Galaxy A QuantumSamsung Exynos 980 7GB 1
Galaxy A01Qualcomm SDM439 2GB 1
Galaxy A01 CoreMediatek MT6739WW 1GB, 2GB 1
Galaxy A02sQualcomm SDM450 2GB, 4GB 1
Galaxy A03sMediatek MT6765 3GB, 4GB -
Galaxy A10Samsung Exynos 7884B 2GB 2
Galaxy A10eSamsung Exynos 7884B 2GB 2
Galaxy A10sMediatek MT6762 2GB, 3GB 2
Galaxy A11Qualcomm SDM450 2GB, 3GB 1
Galaxy A12Mediatek MT6765 3GB, 4GB 1
Galaxy A20Samsung Exynos 7884B 3GB 2
Galaxy A20eSamsung Exynos 7884B 3GB 2
Galaxy A20sQualcomm SDM450 3GB, 4GB 2
Galaxy A21Samsung Exynos 7884B 3GB 1
Galaxy A21sSamsung Exynos 850 3GB, 4GB 1
Galaxy A22Mediatek MT6769T 4GB, 6GB -
Galaxy A22 5GMediatek MT6833V/NZA 4GB, 6GB -
Galaxy A30Samsung Exynos 7904 3GB, 4GB 2
Galaxy A30sSamsung Exynos 7904 3GB, 4GB 2
Galaxy A31Mediatek MT6768 4GB, 6GB 1
Galaxy A32Mediatek MT6769T 4GB, 6GB -
Galaxy A32 5GMediatek MT6853V/NZA 4GB -
Galaxy A40Samsung Exynos 7904 4GB 2
Galaxy A40sSamsung Exynos 7904 6GB 2
Galaxy A41Mediatek MT6768 4GB 1
Galaxy A42 5GQualcomm SM7225 3GB -
Galaxy A50Samsung Exynos 9610 4GB, 6GB 2
Galaxy A50sSamsung Exynos 9611 4GB, 6GB 2
Galaxy A51Samsung Exynos 9611 4GB, 6GB 1
Galaxy A51 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
Galaxy A52Qualcomm SM7125 4GB, 7GB -
Galaxy A52 5GQualcomm SM7225 5GB -
Galaxy A52s 5GQualcomm SM7325 5GB, 7GB -
Galaxy A60Qualcomm SM6150 6GB 2
Galaxy A70Qualcomm SM6150 6GB, 8GB 2
Galaxy A70sQualcomm SM6150 6GB, 8GB 2
Galaxy A71Qualcomm SM7150 6GB, 8GB 1
Galaxy A71 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB, 7GB 1
Galaxy A72Qualcomm SM7125 5GB, 7GB -
Galaxy A80Qualcomm SM7150 7GB, 8GB 2
Galaxy A90 5GQualcomm SM8150 5GB, 7GB 2
Galaxy F12Samsung Exynos 850 4GB -
Galaxy F22Mediatek MT6769T 4GB -
Galaxy F41Samsung Exynos 9611 6GB 1
Galaxy F52 5GQualcomm SM7225 7GB -
Galaxy F62Samsung Exynos 9825 5GB -
Galaxy FoldQualcomm SM8150 11GB 2
Galaxy Fold 5GQualcomm SM8150 5GB, 11GB 2
Galaxy M01Qualcomm SDM439 3GB 1
Galaxy M02Mediatek MT6739WW 2GB, 3GB 1
Galaxy M10sSamsung Exynos 7884B 3GB 2
Galaxy M11Qualcomm SDM450 3GB, 4GB 1
Galaxy M12Samsung Exynos 850 3GB, 4GB -
Galaxy M21Samsung Exynos 9611 4GB 1
Galaxy M30sSamsung Exynos 9611 0GB, 6GB 2
Galaxy M31Samsung Exynos 9611 6GB 1
Galaxy M31sSamsung Exynos 9611 6GB 1
Galaxy M32Mediatek MT6769T 4GB, 6GB -
Galaxy M40Qualcomm SM6150 6GB 2
Galaxy M42 5GQualcomm SM7225 3GB, 7GB 1
Galaxy M51Qualcomm SM7150 6GB, 8GB 1
Galaxy M62Samsung Exynos 9825 7GB -
Galaxy Note10Samsung Exynos 9825 7GB 2
Galaxy Note10 5GSamsung Exynos 9825 11GB 2
Galaxy Note10 LiteSamsung Exynos 9810 6GB, 8GB 1
Galaxy Note10+Qualcomm SM8150 11GB 2
Galaxy Note10+ 5GSamsung Exynos 9825 11GB 2
Galaxy Note20Samsung Exynos 990 7GB 1
Galaxy Note20 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 8GB 1
Galaxy Note20 UltraSamsung Exynos 990 7GB, 11GB 1
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 11GB 1
Galaxy Quantum2Qualcomm SM8150P 5GB -
Galaxy S10Qualcomm SM8150 7GB 2
Galaxy S10 5GSamsung Exynos 9820 7GB 2
Galaxy S10 LiteQualcomm SM8150 5GB, 7GB 1
Galaxy S10+Qualcomm SM8150 7GB 2
Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games EditionQualcomm SM8150 4GB, 7GB 2
Galaxy S10eSamsung Exynos 9820 5GB 2
Galaxy S20 5GQualcomm SM8250 11GB 1
Galaxy S20 FEQualcomm SM8250 6GB, 8GB 1
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GQualcomm SM8250 11GB 1
Galaxy S20+ 5GQualcomm SM8250 11GB 1
Galaxy S21 5GQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
Galaxy S21 FE 5GQualcomm SM8350 5GB, 7GB -
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GQualcomm SM8350 10GB -
Galaxy S21+ 5GQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
Galaxy XCover 4sSamsung Exynos 7884 3GB 2
Galaxy XCover 5 Samsung Exynos 850 4GB -
Galaxy XCover ProSamsung Exynos 9611 4GB 1
Galaxy Z FlipQualcomm SM8150 7GB 1
Galaxy Z Flip 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 8GB 1
Galaxy Z Flip3 5GQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
Galaxy Z Fold2 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 11GB 1
Galaxy Z Fold3 5GQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
三星W20Qualcomm SM8150P 11GB 2
X5Spreadtrum SC9832A 3GB -
LS5018FPMediatek MT6739WA 1GB -
AQUOS R2 compact (SH-M09)Qualcomm SDM845 4GB 2
AQUOS R2 compact 803SHQualcomm SDM845 4GB 2
AQUOS R3 808SHQualcomm SM8150 5GB, 6GB 2
AQUOS R3 SH-04LQualcomm SM8150 5GB, 6GB 2
AQUOS R3 SHV44Qualcomm SM8150 5GB, 6GB 2
AQUOS R5G 908SHQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
AQUOS R5G SH-51AQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
AQUOS R5G SH-RM14Qualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
AQUOS R5G SHG01Qualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
AQUOS R6Qualcomm SM8350 11GB -
AQUOS sense3Qualcomm SDM630 4GB 2
AQUOS sense3 SH-02MQualcomm SDM630 4GB 2
AQUOS sense3 SHV45Qualcomm SDM630 4GB 2
AQUOS sense3 basicQualcomm SDM630 3GB 2
AQUOS sense3 liteQualcomm SDM630 4GB 2
AQUOS sense3 plus (901SH)Qualcomm SDM636 6GB 2
AQUOS sense3 plus SH-M11Qualcomm SDM636 6GB 2
AQUOS sense3 plus SH-RM11Qualcomm SDM636 6GB 2
AQUOS sense3 plus サウンド SHV46Qualcomm SDM636 6GB 2
AQUOS sense4 SH-41AQualcomm SM7125 4GB 1
AQUOS sense4 SH-M15Qualcomm SM7125 4GB 1
AQUOS sense4 basic A003SHQualcomm SM7125 3GB 1
AQUOS sense4 lite SH-RM15Qualcomm SM7125 4GB 1
AQUOS sense4 plusQualcomm SM7125 8GB 1
AQUOS sense5GQualcomm SM6350 3GB -
AQUOS sense5G SH-S50Qualcomm SM6350 8GB -
AQUOS zeroQualcomm SDM845 6GB 2
AQUOS zero (SH-M10)Qualcomm SDM845 6GB 2
AQUOS zero2 906SHQualcomm SM8150 8GB 1
AQUOS zero2 SH-01MQualcomm SM8150 8GB 1
AQUOS zero2 SH-M13Qualcomm SM8150 8GB 1
AQUOS zero2 SHV47Qualcomm SM8150 8GB 1
AQUOS zero5G basicQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
AQUOS zero5G basic DXQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Leitz Phone1Qualcomm SM8350 11GB -
S5Qualcomm SDM450 3GB 2
S7Qualcomm SDM630 3GB 3
Sky Devices
Elite D5MaxSpreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
Elite E55MaxSpreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
Elite G55Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
Platinum View2_PlusSpreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
SKY Black2Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
SKY BlackMaxSpreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
SKY Prestige2Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
Xperia 1Qualcomm SM8150 5GB 2
Xperia 1 IIQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Xperia 1 IIIQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
Xperia 1 Professional EditionQualcomm SM8150 5GB 2
Xperia 10 IIQualcomm SM6125 4GB 1
Xperia 10 IIIQualcomm SM6350 5GB -
Xperia 5Qualcomm SM8150 5GB 2
Xperia 5 IIQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Xperia Ace IIMediatek MT6765 4GB -
Xperia PROQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
Milan_ProSpreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
My_star_18Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
VegasSpreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
INKOSISpreadtrum SC9863A 1GB -
SUGAR C60Mediatek MT6765 4GB -
Sunmi V2sMediatek MT8766B 3GB -
Z33Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
Z35Mediatek MT6765 3GB -

REVVL 4+Qualcomm SM6125 4GB 1
REVVL 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1

A1Qualcomm SM6115 6GB -
TCL 10 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
TCL 10 PlusQualcomm SM6125 6GB 1
TCL 10 ProQualcomm SM6150 6GB 1
TCL 10 SEMediatek MT6762 4GB 1
TCL 10LQualcomm SM6125 6GB 1
TCL 20 5GQualcomm SM6350 5GB 1
TCL 20 SEQualcomm SM4250 4GB -
TCL 20EMediatek MT6762d 3GB, 4GB -
TCL 20SQualcomm SM6125 4GB -
TCL 20YMediatek MT6762d 4GB -
TCL A3XQualcomm SM4250 3GB -
TCT (Alcatel)
Alcatel 1L PLUSMediatek MT6761D 1GB, 2GB -
Alcatel 1SMediatek MT6762d 3GB -
Alcatel 3LMediatek MT6762d 4GB -
TCL A3Mediatek MT6762 3GB -
TAGPhoneMediatek MT6771 6GB -
M5GOMediatek MT6580M 1GB -
Note_4CAMMediatek MT6580M 2GB -
Pouvoir 4Mediatek MT6761 3GB 1
CAMON 16Mediatek MT6769 6GB 1
CAMON 17Mediatek MT6769 4GB -
CAMON 17 ProMediatek MT6785 8GB -
CAMON 17PMediatek MT6769 6GB -
PHANTOM XMediatek MT6785 8GB -
POP 5PMediatek MT6580 2GB -
TECNO CAMON 16 PremierMediatek MT6785 8GB 1
TECNO POP 5Spreadtrum SC7731E 2GB -
TECNO POP 5 Go Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
TECNO POVA 2Mediatek MT6769 6GB -
TECNO SPARK 7Mediatek MT6761D 2GB -
TECNO SPARK 7 ProMediatek MT6769T 4GB -
TECNO SPARK 7PMediatek MT6769 4GB -
TECNO SPARK 7TMediatek MT6765 4GB -
TECNO SPARK 8Mediatek MT6762d 2GB -
I06Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
Armor 11 5GMediatek MT6873 8GB 1
Armor 11T 5GMediatek MT6873 8GB -
Armor 8 ProMediatek MT6771 6GB, 8GB -
Armor X8iMediatek MT6762 3GB -
Armor X9Mediatek MT6762 3GB -
Armor X9 ProMediatek MT6762 4GB -
Note 10Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
Note 11PMediatek MT6771 8GB -
Note 12PSpreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
Note 6Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -
Note 9PMediatek MT6762 4GB 1
Power Armor 13Mediatek MT6785 8GB -
A11 EEAMediatek MT6762 4GB -
A11 Pro MaxMediatek MT6769 4GB -
A9Mediatek MT6762 3GB -
A9 Pro 128G EEAMediatek MT6771 6GB 1
A9 Pro R EEAMediatek MT6771 8GB -
A9 Pro_EEAMediatek MT6771 4GB 1
BISONMediatek MT6771 6GB 1
BISON ProMediatek MT6769 8GB -
BISON R EEAMediatek MT6771 8GB -
Power 5Mediatek MT6762 4GB -
Atom_LMediatek MT6771 6GB 1
Atom_XLMediatek MT6771 6GB 1
Jelly2Mediatek MT6771 6GB 1
Jelly2_JPMediatek MT6771 6GB 1
Titan pocketMediatek MT6771 6GB -
ORIONMediatek MT6739WA 1GB -
vivo 1907Mediatek MT6768 6GB 2
I1927Qualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
I2009Qualcomm SM8350 7GB -
I2011Qualcomm SM7250 7GB -
I2012Qualcomm SM8250ac 8GB -
I2017Qualcomm SM8350 7GB -
V1824AQualcomm SDM855 7GB, 8GB 2
V1916AQualcomm SM8150P 11GB 2
V1922AQualcomm SM8150P 7GB, 12GB 2
V1930Qualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
V1936AQualcomm SDM855 7GB 2
V1936ALQualcomm SM8150P 7GB, 11GB 2
V1955AQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
V1981AQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
V1986AMediatek MT6889 7GB 1
V2012AQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
V2022Qualcomm SM6125 8GB 1
V2025Qualcomm SM7125 8GB -
V2025AQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
V2027Qualcomm SM4250 3GB, 4GB 1
V2028Qualcomm SM4250 3GB 1
V2030Qualcomm SM6125 8GB -
V2036Qualcomm SM6115 4GB, 8GB -
V2038Mediatek MT6769T 4GB, 6GB -
V2039Qualcomm SDM439 3GB -
V2040Qualcomm SM6150 8GB -
V2041Mediatek MT6833V/ZA 4GB, 8GB -
V2043Mediatek MT6765 3GB, 4GB 1
V2044Mediatek MT6765 2GB, 3GB -
V2045Qualcomm SM8250ac 8GB, 12GB -
V2046Qualcomm SM8250ac 12GB -
V2046ASamsung Exynos 9815 7GB -
V2047Qualcomm SM8350 11GB -
V2048AMediatek MT6875 8GB -
V2049AQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
V2050Mediatek MT6853V/TNZA 8GB -
V2054AQualcomm SM4350 6GB -
V2055Mediatek MT6833V/MNZA 8GB -
V2055AQualcomm SM8250ac 12GB -
V2056AQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
V2058Mediatek MT6769T 4GB, 8GB -
V2059Mediatek MT6785 8GB -
V2059ASamsung Exynos 9815 11GB -
V2060Qualcomm SM4350 8GB -
V2061Qualcomm SM7125 8GB -
V2066AMediatek MT6769T 8GB -
V2066BAMediatek MT6768 8GB -
V2068AMediatek MT6833V/ZA 4GB, 6GB -
V2069AMediatek MT6833V/ZA 8GB -
V2072AMediatek MT6891 12GB -
V2073AQualcomm SM7250 7GB -
V2080AMediatek MT6875 8GB -
V2085AMediatek MT6891 8GB -
V2104Mediatek MT6893 8GB, 12GB -
V2106AQualcomm SM4350 4GB -
V2111AQualcomm SM4350 7GB -
V2118AQualcomm SM8250ac 8GB -
V2121AMediatek MT6891 8GB, 12GB -
V2123AMediatek MT6877V/TZA 8GB -
V2130AMediatek MT6877V/TZA 8GB -
V2131AMediatek MT6877V/TZA 8GB -
V2136AQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
V2141AQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
V2143AMediatek MT6769T 4GB -
V2145AQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
X50Qualcomm SM7150 8GB 1
X50 ProQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Z1 ProQualcomm SDM712 4GB 2
vivo 1818Qualcomm SDM675 6GB 2
vivo 1819Mediatek MT6771T 6GB 2
vivo 1901Mediatek MT6762 4GB 1
vivo 1904Mediatek MT6762 3GB 1
vivo 1906Qualcomm SDM439 3GB 1
vivo 1907Mediatek MT6768 4GB, 6GB 2
vivo 1909Qualcomm SM6150 8GB 2
vivo 1910Qualcomm SM6150 8GB 2
vivo 1915Mediatek MT6768 4GB, 6GB 1
vivo 1917Qualcomm SDM712 6GB 2
vivo 1919Qualcomm SM6150 8GB 2
vivo 1920Qualcomm SM6125 4GB, 8GB 2
vivo 1933Qualcomm SDM712 8GB 1
vivo 1935Qualcomm SM6125 6GB, 8GB 1
vivo 1938Mediatek MT6765 4GB 1
vivo 2005Qualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
vivo 2018Qualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
VortexV20Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
ArisQualcomm SM7150 8GB 1
Aris ProQualcomm SM7150 8GB 1
Joy 4Qualcomm SM6125 3GB, 4GB 1
Live 4Qualcomm SDM675 6GB 1
Star 4Mediatek MT6765 2GB 1
Star 5Mediatek MTK6582M 3GB -

PRIMO GH10Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
PRIMO_ZX4Mediatek MT6785 8GB -
Primo N5Mediatek MT6762 4GB -
Power U10Mediatek MT6762d 2GB, 3GB -
Power U20Mediatek MT6765 3GB -
Power U30Mediatek MT6765 4GB -
Wiko Life 3Mediatek MT6739CH 2GB -
Wiko Ride 3Mediatek MT6762 3GB -
Y52Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
Y62Mediatek MT6761D 1GB, 2GB -
Hope10_PlusSpreadtrum T310 4GB -
Mi 9T ProQualcomm SDM855 6GB 2
MI 9Qualcomm SDM855 5GB, 6GB 2
MIX 4Qualcomm SM8350 11GB -
Mi 10Qualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Mi 10 Lite zoomQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Mi 10 ProQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
Mi 10 UltraQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
Mi 10 lite 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
Mi 10SQualcomm SM8350 8GB -
Mi 10TQualcomm SM8250 6GB, 8GB 1
Mi 10T LiteQualcomm SM7225 5GB 1
Mi 10i Qualcomm SM7225 5GB 1
Mi 11Qualcomm SM8250Pro 7GB -
Mi 11 LiteQualcomm SM7150 6GB, 8GB -
Mi 11 Lite 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB, 7GB -
Mi 11 ProQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
Mi 11 UltraQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
Mi 11X ProQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
Mi 11iQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
Mi 9 LiteQualcomm SDM710 6GB 2
Mi 9 SEQualcomm SDM712 6GB 2
Mi A3Qualcomm SM6125 4GB 2
Mi Note 10Qualcomm SM7150 6GB 2
Mi Note 10 LiteQualcomm SM7150 6GB 1
Mi9 Pro 5GQualcomm SM8150P 11GB 2
Redmi K30 Pro Zoom EditionQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Altitude 4Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
MAX2 PLUSSpreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -

ZTE A20 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB, 7GB 1
A003ZTQualcomm SM6350 3GB -
Blade A30Spreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
NX659JQualcomm SM8250 12GB -
NX666JQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
NX669JQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
Nubia N40Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
P651 2021Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
RED MAGIC 5GQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
Red Magic 5GQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
VTL-202101Qualcomm SM8350 11GB -
Z6251VMediatek MT6762 4GB -
ZTE S30 Pro 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB -
ZTE 7530NMediatek MT6833V/ZA 4GB -
ZTE 8030Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB, 4GB -
ZTE 8030NMediatek MT6833V/ZA 6GB -
ZTE 8031Spreadtrum SC9863A 4GB -
ZTE 9030Spreadtrum T618 4GB -
ZTE 9030NMediatek MT6853V/ZA 8GB -
ZTE A2022LSpreadtrum T618 6GB -
ZTE A2322Qualcomm SM8250 12GB -
ZTE A31 LiteSpreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
ZTE A51Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
ZTE A7030RUSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB, 4GB -
ZTE Axon 10 ProQualcomm SDM855 5GB 2
ZTE Axon 11Mediatek MT6771T 6GB 1
ZTE Axon 11 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
ZTE Axon 30 Pro 5GQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5GQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
ZTE Blade A31Spreadtrum SC9863A 1GB, 2GB -
ZTE Blade A31 LiteSpreadtrum SC9832E 1GB -
ZTE Axon 30 5GQualcomm SM8350 7GB -
ZTG01Qualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
nubia Z30 ProQualcomm SM8350 11GB -
nubia PlayQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
EC30Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 2
EC50Qualcomm SDM660 3GB, 4GB 1
PS20 (Personal Shopper)Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 3
PS20(Personal Shopper)Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 3
TC21Qualcomm SDA660 3GB 1
TC26Qualcomm SDM660 3GB 1
TC52Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 3
TC57Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 2
TC72Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 3
TC77Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 2
Zebra Technologies MC2200Qualcomm SDA660 2GB, 4GB 1
Zebra Technologies MC3300axQualcomm SDM660 4GB 2
Zebra Technologies MC9300Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 2
Zebra Technologies TC52axQualcomm SDA660 4GB 1
Zebra Technologies TC57xQualcomm SDM660 4GB 1
Zebra Technologies TC8300Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 2
AE9950Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -
benco v80Spreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
Smart-Ex02Qualcomm SDM450 3GB 1
connect_2Spreadtrum SC9832E 2GB -
MAX12Spreadtrum T310 4GB -
Like 11 Panda Pro 2022Spreadtrum SC7731E 1GB -

iPlus P1Spreadtrum SC9863A 2GB -

iSWAG ACTIVSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
ⓘ Data updated each quarter. Last update on Aug 28, 2021

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