AOSMark scores Android phone manufacturers on how many OS updates they pushed to their phones on an average in the past. The scores usually range from 0 to 5; Higher scores are better since they mean longer support for devices from the manufacturer.

We created AOSMark to inform consumers and hope that you demand better OS updates from phone manufacturers. None of the typical places where you read/watch phone reviews actually track how well (and long) manufacturers support their phones in terms of software. This is equally important because being on newer Android OS versions is essential to use new apps, cool OS features and better security.

AOSMark - Best 20 Manufacturers

1.8 Google
0.6 Xiaomi
0.6 Samsung
0.6 Redmi
0.6 POCO
0.5 OnePlus
0.5 FCNT
0.4 LGE
0.3 Vivo
0.3 Sharp
0.3 Realme
0.2 realme
0.2 Oppo
0.2 Nokia
0.2 Motorola
0.2 Kyocera
0.1 Sony
0.1 Infinix
0.1 Asus
0.0 ZTE

Hall of fame - 20 most updated phones by OS updates since release

4 Samsung Galaxy S10
3 Google Pixel 3
3 OnePlus 8 Pro
3 Samsung Galaxy Note10
3 Samsung Galaxy Note10+
3 Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
3 Samsung Galaxy S10+
3 Samsung Galaxy S10e
3 Vivo vivo 1907
3 Vivo vivo 1919
3 Vivo vivo 1920
3 Samsung Galaxy S8+
2 Google Pixel 3a
2 Google Pixel 4
2 Google Pixel 3 XL
2 LGE G8X ThinQ
2 OnePlus Nord
2 Oppo CPH2095
2 Oppo CPH2109

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ⓘ Data updated each quarter. Last update on Jun 30, 2022

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