Shopping for a new phone? We recommend picking from this regularly updated list of phones because only these run the latest version of Android. This means that even if you get just one OS update in the future, your phone will run for a few years before seeming outdated.

Phones with Android 11 - 114 devices

* Some of these might still be in public beta
** List is sorted alphabetically
Model CPU RAM # of upgrades
ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) (WW) / 6Z (ZS630KL) (IN)Qualcomm SM8150 5GB, 7GB 2
ZenFone 7 / 7 Pro (ZS670KS/ZS671KS)Qualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Google Android EmulatorIntel i7-5200U 1GB, 2GB 1
Pixel 2Qualcomm MSM8998 4GB 4
Pixel 2 XLQualcomm MSM8998 4GB 4
Pixel 3Qualcomm SDM845 4GB 2
Pixel 3 XLQualcomm SDM845 4GB 2
Pixel 3aQualcomm SDM670 4GB 2
Pixel 3a XLQualcomm SDM670 4GB 2
Pixel 4Qualcomm SDM855 5GB 1
Pixel 4 XLQualcomm SDM855 5GB 1
Pixel 4aQualcomm SM7150 6GB 1
Pixel 4a (5G)Qualcomm SM7250 5GB -
Pixel 5Qualcomm SM7250 7GB -
Hisense E50 LiteSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
Hisense Infinity H40 LiteSpreadtrum SC9863A 3GB -
S8Mediatek MT6768 4GB -
OnePlus 8Qualcomm SM8250 8GB, 11GB 1
OnePlus 8 ProQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
OnePlus 8TQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 11GB -
OnePlus 8T+ 5GQualcomm SM8250 11GB -
OnePlus NordQualcomm SM7250 5GB, 7GB 1

A52Qualcomm SM6125 4GB, 6GB 1
A52 中国版Qualcomm SM6125 8GB 1
A92Qualcomm SM6125 4GB, 8GB 1
A93Mediatek MT6779p95 7GB, 8GB 1
F11Mediatek MT6771T 4GB, 6GB 2
F11 ProMediatek MT6771 6GB 2
Find X2Qualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
Find X2 LiteQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Find X2 Neo/Reno3 ProQualcomm SM7250 7GB, 11GB 1
Find X2 ProQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
Find X2 Pro 中国版Qualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
Find X2 中国版Qualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Reno 10x ZoomQualcomm SM8150 6GB, 8GB 2
Reno 10倍变焦版Qualcomm SM8150 6GB 2
Reno 4Z 5GMediatek MT6873 7GB 1
Reno AceQualcomm SM8150 7GB, 8GB 2
Reno Ace2Qualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
Reno3Mediatek MT6779p90 8GB 1
Reno3 ProMediatek MT6779p95 8GB 1
Reno3 Pro 5G中国版Qualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Reno3 元气版 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Reno4 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB, 11GB 1
Reno4 Pro 5GQualcomm SM7250 11GB 1
Reno4 Pro 中国版Qualcomm SM7250 7GB, 11GB 1
Reno4 中国版Qualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
POCO F2 ProQualcomm SM8250 6GB, 8GB 1
POCO M2 ProQualcomm SM7125 6GB 1
POCO X3Qualcomm SM7150 6GB, 8GB 1
POCO X3 NFCQualcomm SM7150 6GB 1
realme 7 ProQualcomm SM7125 6GB, 8GB 1
realme X50 ProQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
realme X50 Pro PlayQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
realme  X7 Pro Mediatek MT6889 7GB 1
K30 PROQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Redmi 9CMediatek MT6765 3GB, 4GB 1
Redmi K30Qualcomm SM7150 6GB, 8GB 1
Redmi K30 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
Redmi Note 9Mediatek MT6769 4GB, 6GB 1
Redmi Note 9 ProQualcomm SM7125 4GB, 6GB 1
Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxQualcomm SM7125 6GB 1
Galaxy A51 5GSamsung Exynos 980 5GB, 7GB 1
Galaxy A71 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB, 7GB 1
Galaxy Note10Samsung Exynos 9825 7GB 2
Galaxy Note10+Qualcomm SM8150 11GB 2
Galaxy Note10+ 5GSamsung Exynos 9825 11GB 2
Galaxy Note20Samsung Exynos 990 4GB, 7GB 1
Galaxy Note20 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 8GB 1
Galaxy Note20 UltraSamsung Exynos 990 7GB, 11GB 1
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 10GB, 11GB 1
Galaxy S10 LiteQualcomm SM8150 5GB, 7GB 1
Galaxy S10+Qualcomm SM8150 7GB 2
Galaxy S10eQualcomm SM8150 5GB 2
Galaxy S20 5GQualcomm SM8250 11GB 1
Galaxy S20 FESamsung Exynos 990 5GB, 7GB 1
Galaxy S20 FE 5GQualcomm SM8250 6GB, 8GB 1
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GQualcomm SM8250 11GB 1
Galaxy S20+ 5GQualcomm SM8250 11GB 1
Galaxy Z Flip 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 8GB 1
Galaxy Z Fold2 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 11GB 1

Xperia 1 IIQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
TCL 10 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
TCL 10 PlusQualcomm SM6125 6GB 1
TCL 10 ProQualcomm SM6150 6GB 1
TCL 10LQualcomm SM6125 6GB 1
TCL 20 SEQualcomm SM4250 4GB -
TCL 20EMediatek MT6762d 4GB -

TCT (Alcatel)
Alcatel 1SMediatek MT6762d 3GB -
Alcatel 3LMediatek MT6762d 4GB -
Pouvoir 4Mediatek MT6761 3GB 1

I1927Qualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
V1955AQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
V1981AQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
V2022Qualcomm SM6125 8GB 1
V2025Qualcomm SM7125 8GB -
V2025AQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
V2028Qualcomm SM4250 3GB 1
V2030Qualcomm SM6125 8GB -
V2036Qualcomm SM6115 4GB, 8GB -
X50 ProQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
vivo 1935Qualcomm SM6125 6GB, 8GB 1
vivo 2018Qualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
Power U20Mediatek MT6765 3GB -
MI CC9 ProQualcomm SM7150 6GB 2
Mi 10Qualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
Mi 10 Lite zoomQualcomm SM7250 5GB, 7GB 1
Mi 10 ProQualcomm SM8250 8GB, 12GB 1
Mi 10 lite 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB, 7GB 1
Mi A3Qualcomm SM6125 4GB, 6GB 2
Redmi K30 Pro Zoom EditionQualcomm SM8250 8GB 1
RED MAGIC 5GQualcomm SM8250 12GB 1
ZTE Axon 11 5GQualcomm SM7250 5GB 1
nubia PlayQualcomm SM7250 7GB 1
ⓘ Data updated each quarter. Last update on Dec 20, 2020

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