Shopping for a new phone? We recommend picking from this regularly updated list of phones because only these run the latest version of Android. This means that even if you get just one OS update in the future, your phone will run for a few years before seeming outdated.

Phones with Android 13 - 47 devices

* Some of these might still be in public beta
** List is sorted alphabetically
Model CPU RAM # of upgrades
ROG Phone 6 (AI2201)QTI SM8475 16GB 0
Zenfone 9QTI SM8475 8GB 0
Pixel 3aQualcomm SDM670 4GB 2
Pixel 3a XLQualcomm SDM670 4GB 0
JioPhone NextQualcomm QM215 2GB 1

Legion Y70 Qualcomm SM8350 12GB 0
Lenovo Tab P11 (2nd Gen)Mediatek MT8781V/CA 6GB 0
Lenovo Tab P12 ProQualcomm SDM855 8GB 0
Galaxy FoldQualcomm SM8150 12GB 0
Galaxy Tab Active3Samsung Exynos 9810 4GB 2
Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro 5GQualcomm SM7325 6GB 0
Galaxy Tab S6Qualcomm SM8150 6GB 2
Galaxy Tab S6 5GQualcomm SM8150 6GB 0
Galaxy Tab S6 LiteSamsung Exynos 9611 4GB 3
Galaxy Tab S7Qualcomm SM8250Pro 6GB 1
Galaxy Tab S7 FEQualcomm SM7325 4GB 2
Galaxy Tab S7+Qualcomm SM8250Pro 8GB 1
Galaxy Tab S7+ 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 8GB 0
Galaxy Tab S8QTI SM8450 8GB 1
Galaxy Tab S8 5GQTI SM8450 8GB 0
Galaxy Tab S8 UltraQTI SM8450 11GB 0
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5GQTI SM8450 11GB 0
Galaxy Tab S8+QTI SM8450 8GB 0
Galaxy Tab S8+ 5GQTI SM8450 8GB 0
Galaxy Z FlipQualcomm SM8150P 8GB 2
Galaxy Z Flip 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 8GB 0
Galaxy Z Flip3 5GQualcomm SM8350 8GB 2
Galaxy Z Flip4QTI SM8475 8GB 0
Galaxy Z Fold2 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 11GB 1
Galaxy Z Fold3 5GQualcomm SM8350 12GB 2
Galaxy Z Fold4QTI SM8475 12GB 0
三星 W21 5GQualcomm SM8250Pro 11GB 0
三星W20Qualcomm SM8150P 12GB 0
三星W22 5GQualcomm SM8350 16GB 0
心系天下 三星 W23 FlipQTI SM8475 12GB 0
Surface DuoQualcomm SDM855 6GB 0
Surface Duo 2Qualcomm SM8350 8GB 0

iQOO 10QTI SM8475 12GB 0
iQOO 10 ProQTI SM8475 12GB 0
vivo X Fold+QTI SM8475 12GB 0
MI PAD 4Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 0
NX679JQTI SM8450 11GB 0
NX679SQTI SM8475 7GB 0
NX709JQTI SM8450 11GB 0
NX709SQTI SM8450 16GB 0
ⓘ Data updated each quarter. Last update on Nov 12, 2022

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